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Realstudio® is pleased to introduce Real-T Pad, Branded Real Estate Presentations for your iPad® and laptop.

We create custom branded templates for your Real Estate slide show presentations for your iPad® or laptop. Save money and the environment by going digital with your presentations and emailing clients a pdf version after your meeting instead of a long print out.  All you need is Keynote® from Apple® and we will do the rest.  Also available for MS Powerpoint.

Please visit for more details and pricing.

Contact us today for a free consultation at

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I just love when my clients are pleased with my work…Client Bonnie Bryant said ” I really like the continuity of font and house with people logo between both my regular real estate and seniors’ next move marketing materials. It’s the first time that my regular real estate business card looks professionally branded so I am really pleased. Thank you.” 

I designed the logo and branding for Seniors’ Next Move and then Bonnie asked me to design her regular “Bonnie Bryant” real estate brand. Made sense to me that they should both resemble each other as they are related but also be independent of one another.

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